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Going Grey

So you're thinking about letting your natural slivers take over? Hopefully this blog will help you figure out if going grey is right for you.

Many Roads to The Same End Result

There are several different ways to transform your hair back to its natural glory. We're going to explore the pros and cons of each one.

1. Cutting out previously colored stands of hair.

Pros: Quick, you can have your hair back to natural in one appointment.

Cons: If your natural grays aren't grown out much you'll have to be okay rocking a very short style.

This method requires some patience. You'll either have to let your natural grays grow out until its long enough to cut off the old color or have a short hairstyle until it grows back out again. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

2. Slowly Going Lighter

Pros: Can keep your length. Can ease you into the look of having natural grey or white strands of hair.

Cons: Slow process. Can have some unwanted color tones during the lightning process.

This method also requires some patience. It can be a long process of several spaced out color appointments to get to a natural looking gray color. Sometimes youll have to deal with warmer color tones before your hair is light enough to show the true gray tones.

3. Doing Several Different Colors to Create a Blended Look

Pros: Creates the most natural blended look.

Cons: Expensive

With this method we're doing both lighter and darker colors to create a natural silver to gray color. This can be time consuming and expensive. The outcome is beautiful.

Other Things to Consider

Maintenance at home for any artificially created gray, silver, or white colors include, using professional salon shampoos and conditioners, washing in cooler water, avoiding chlorine, and always using heat protection. The hair can have a hard time holding on to the artificial gray and silver tones. Because of this maintenance around every 4 weeks will be necessary. Sometimes stylist approved colored conditioners can be used to extend the time between salon visits. One of the nice things about grey color tones is they tend to fade out to pretty beige colors. So even between appointments your hair will still be looking good!

Think you're ready to take the next steps to going back to your roots? Fill out the consultation form and we can start working together to get to your hair goals.

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