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Summit Experience

Each service is a holistic experience. It includes, thorough consultation, confirmation of pricing, aromatic shoulder and neck massage, hot towel treatment, relaxing scalp massage. Color services also include bond repair/deep conditioning, with a reflexology hand massage.

New Clients

New Client Haircut $70-100

New Client Single Color $200+

New Client Dimensional Highlights $300+


Short/Clipper/Pixi $60
Medium/Long $80
Extra Long $90


Express Maintenance $180

For current clients who have come in within the last 3 months. Includes All-over color OR Face Frame Highlight.

Partial Maintenance $250

For current clients who have come in within the last 4 months. Includes Partial Highlight/Balayage OR Base Color with Face Frame Highlight. 

Full Maintenance $336

For current clients who have come in within the last 4 months. Includes Full Highlight/Balayage OR Base Color with Highlight.

Major Change $396

For current clients looking to completely change their look. Examples would be going light to dark, or dark to light, adding in lots of brightness or lowlights. 

Styling and Treatments

Shampoo and Style $70+

Scalp Facial and Hair Treatment $145


All new color clients have to fill out the virtual consultation form prior to booking. We can also do an in-person consultation at the studio if that's preferred. This insures that we are on the same page and can book the correct amount of time. 

Red hair styled with waves
Health Natural Hair Products Frederick MD Hairsalons

About the Goods

The Products

My goal is to always bring you the highest quality, natural as possible, ethically sourced salon goods. 

I use Color Space hair color. Science based, vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable, and made with natural ingredients like aloe vera, B5 vitamins, and shea butter to nourish the hair. I have both ammonia free and low ammonia options. 

For hair care I use Davines and Back of Bottle.


Davines made with naturally sourced ingredients, produced with renewable energy and use minimal packaging to help with environmental impact. 

 Back of Bottle™ / BOB™ is formulated with ingredients that are high performance, clean, green, and sustainable.

PETA certified vegan and animal test free. Silicone free.

100% Natural aroma

We have taken “made without” lists that major retailers use to define 

“clean beauty”  Some of the ingredients you will never find: 












Back of Bottle Hair Products
Hair Salon Shears and Combs

Salon Policies

There are no refunds on any services. I'm always striving to give you the hair of your dreams. If something feels off let me know within 7 days and we'll reassess your style/color. Note that the products you use at home have a huge impact on the longevity of color.

BOB natural hair products
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