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Hair Trends of 2023

Scalp Care

Everyone is quickly becoming educated on where the health of the hair starts.....the scalp!! After years of less shampooing and way too much dry shampooing the focus is moving to keeping the scalp happy. Taking care of the root of our hair helps with hair growth, as well as just healthier hair in general. I'm personally loving the Davines Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatment and Elevating Massage Oil. The Massage Oil is used before Shampooing to add in extra moisture, increase circulation, improve elasticity and provide nourishment. It easily washes out so no need to worry about oily residue being left behind.

The Scalp Recovery Treatment is used after your cleansing ritual, on towel dried or completely dried hair. Spray on and massage in. Anti inflammatory ingredients sooth and hydrate the scalp. Providing instance relieve from itching and redness. These 2 products and easy to add in to your routine and provide the help your scalp needs.

Bangs are in

Emily in Paris anyone? I think anyone who watched the latest season felt inspired to make a quick chop. Although I don't recommend cutting in bangs at home I do think they add in a lot of style to most looks. My prediction

is that we will be seeing lots of different bang styles for the new year. Side sweeping, curtain, and straight up rock and roll.

Green Hair Color

Fashion colors are here to stay. Green is supposed to be the it color for this year. Green can

be a fickle color to work with. You'll have to have a nice clean canvas to work on. Meaning you might have to lighten the hair to a fairly light color so the green can actually show on the hair. There's also a good bit of at home care. Using color safe shampoo and conditioner ( I like BOB True Hue). Cleansing in cooler water. Staying out of the sun and the pool can help keep the color in your hair longer. Following these steps will leave everyone who sees your hair green with envy.

Shorter Haircuts

I believe we're moving into a year of lower maintenance hair. Shorter cuts that are quick to dry and style. Leaving ultra long locks and extensions behind. This does not mean the

dreaded soccer mom cut will be coming back, but rather very classic shapes and lots of hidden layers and texture. This gives an effortless look with lots of movement. When cut right bobs are very easy to style and fall into a beautiful shape naturally.

Last but not least...

We are bringing the side part back!!! Gone are the days when you had to feel uncool to have a side part. It's coming back with vengeance and I am 100% here for it.

Yes middle parts are still fine but side parts are also apart of the it crowd....finally!!

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