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Feeling Fall-ish

Hello and welcome! My goal with this blog is to stay in touch and help you out with all your hair needs. Lately I've been seeing more and more beautiful, rich, happy, fall-lioush (which is totally a word) red heads in my chair. Lets go through the ins and outs of getting fall ready red hair.

Shades of Reds

Not all reds are the same. We have red/red, copper/red, violet/red. True reds are just that, reminiscent of a fire truck, with a touch of a blue under tone. Copper reds have a orange tinge to them given them a rust tone. Violet reds have a purple tone to them giving them a beautiful red wine color. Not sure which tone is right for you? Ask your favorite stylist (hopefully thats me).

The Process

The starting level/ tone of your hair will tell us how much of a process your hair will have to go through to get you to your dream red. If you're a blonde we'll have to add back in a lot of the warmth your hair is missing. Or your beautiful red will look very pink (not the color you had in mind). If your hair is darker shades of brown we'll have to lift through enough of the darkness so you can actually see the red. Or you'll only be able to see a tinge of red in the sunlight.


As beautiful as they are they are also on the higher side of maintenance. Reds tend to fade faster due to the red color molecule being larger. The hair strands have a harder time holding on to this larger molecule so it slips out faster. Using your stylist recommended shampoo and conditioner, washing with cooler water, and using low heat on styling tools can help keep your red looking vibrant longer.

Final Thoughts

Reds are super beautiful and fun. I believe that everyone should come to the red side at least once in their life. With the right stylist, tools, and at home care your hair will be the fall envy of everyone. But not too much envy because I can make everyone their perfect shade of red.

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